Rachel Moore: Dog Trainer, Photographer, and Artist

Meet Rachel Moore, an incredibly talented individual who wears many hats. Not only is she a dog trainer with over 20 years of experience and a photographer specializing in capturing the essence of our beloved four-legged friends, but she is also an accomplished artist who creates stunning digital portraits of dogs and cats. Combining her love for art, design, and dogs, Rachel seamlessly blends these passions into her work. Additionally, Rachel dedicates her time to volunteering at the Lilac City Dog Training Club, assisting with puppy and dog classes. With her expertise in behavioral issues, leash reactivity, and multi-dog household problems, Rachel is a valuable resource for both dog owners and rescue shelters alike.

Rachel Moore: Dog Trainer, Photographer, and Artist

Rachel Moore: Dog Trainer, Photographer, and Artist


Rachel Moore is a highly talented individual with a diverse range of skills and passions. Not only is she an experienced dog trainer and photographer, but she is also a skilled artist who creates beautiful portraits of dogs and cats. With over 20 years of dog training experience and 10 years in the field of dog photography, Rachel Moore is a dedicated professional who has honed her skills to perfection.


Rachel Moore’s extensive experience in the world of dogs is a testament to her dedication and expertise. With over 20 years of experience as a dog trainer, she has helped countless families and their beloved pets overcome various behavioral issues. Her deep understanding of dog psychology and her ability to tailor training techniques to individual dogs have made her a sought-after trainer in her community.

In addition to her skills as a dog trainer, Rachel has also developed a keen eye for photography. Over the course of 10 years, she has captured the unique personalities and beauty of dogs through her lens. Her photographs not only showcase the physical attributes of the dogs but also capture their essence and spirit.

Furthermore, Rachel Moore’s artistic talents have blossomed over the years. She has mastered the art of creating digital paintings of pets, breathing life into her subjects with her unique style and techniques. Her artwork captures the true essence of each pet, making them come alive on the canvas.

Combining Art and Passion for Dogs

Rachel Moore’s love for dogs and art is beautifully intertwined in her work. By combining her artistic skills with her passion for dogs, she has found a way to express her creativity while celebrating the beauty and companionship that dogs bring into our lives. Through her digital paintings, Rachel is able to capture the individuality and personality of each pet, creating lasting memories for their owners.

Her artistic work is not only a testament to her love for dogs but also serves as a source of inspiration for others. Rachel’s ability to create vibrant and expressive portraits of dogs has sparked a newfound appreciation for the beauty and grace of these animals within her community.

Specialization in Behavioral Issues

One of Rachel Moore’s greatest strengths as a dog trainer lies in her specialization in behavioral issues. She has dedicated a significant portion of her career to understanding and addressing these unique challenges that dogs may face. By focusing on behavioral issues, Rachel has developed a deep understanding of how to correct and modify unwanted behaviors in dogs.

One area in which Rachel has excelled is in addressing leash reactivity. Many dogs struggle with intense reactions while on a leash, displaying aggressive or anxious behaviors towards other dogs or people. Rachel’s expertise and patient approach enable her to help dogs overcome their reactivity and become more comfortable and relaxed during walks.

Additionally, Rachel specializes in solving multi-dog household problems. Many families who have multiple dogs face challenges with aggression, resource guarding, or territorial behavior. Rachel’s experience in successfully navigating these complex dynamics allows her to help families create harmony within their packs.

With her years of experience and successful training methods, Rachel Moore has proven to be a trusted resource for dog owners facing behavioral challenges.

Volunteering at the Lilac City Dog Training Club

Rachel Moore’s commitment to dogs extends beyond her professional career. She actively volunteers her time at the Lilac City Dog Training Club, a local organization dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and training. Through her involvement at the club, Rachel helps conduct puppy classes and contributes to dog training sessions.

Her volunteering efforts have had a positive impact on the community by providing valuable resources and education to dog owners. By sharing her knowledge and expertise, Rachel helps owners establish a solid foundation for their dogs’ training and behavior.

Emphasizing the Importance of Setting Boundaries

Rachel Moore firmly believes that setting boundaries for dogs is crucial for their well-being and for creating harmonious relationships with their human companions. She advocates for owners to establish clear and consistent rules for their dogs, helping them understand their place in the family dynamic.

By educating owners on the importance of boundaries, Rachel empowers them to take charge of their dogs’ behavior and establish a healthy and respectful relationship. Through case studies and success stories, Rachel shares real-life examples that highlight the positive impact boundaries can have on a dog’s behavior and overall happiness.

Working with Rescue Dogs

Rachel Moore’s work with rescue dogs showcases her compassion and dedication to helping those who have faced trauma and neglect. She understands that rescue dogs often come with unique challenges due to their difficult pasts. Through her training approaches, Rachel helps these dogs overcome their fears and behavioral challenges, allowing them to build trust and confidence.

Rachel’s patience and understanding are key in working with rescue dogs. She tailors her training methods to suit the individual needs of each dog, providing them with a safe and supportive environment in which to grow and thrive. By offering her expertise to rescue organizations, Rachel ensures that more dogs are given the chance to find loving forever homes.

Offering Training Discounts to Local Shelters

Rachel Moore’s commitment to helping shelter dogs extends beyond her work with rescue organizations. She also offers training discounts to local shelters, ensuring that these dogs receive the necessary training to increase their chances of being adopted into loving homes.

By providing training discounts, Rachel supports shelter dogs’ success by equipping them with essential skills and behaviors that make them more appealing to potential adopters. Her collaboration with local shelters is a testament to her dedication to making a difference in the lives of dogs who need it the most.

Rachel Moore: Dog Trainer, Photographer, and Artist

Summary of Article

Rachel Moore is a multi-talented individual who has dedicated her career to dogs. As a dog trainer, photographer, and artist, she combines her love for animals with her artistic talents to create meaningful and impactful work. With specialization in behavioral issues, volunteering at the Lilac City Dog Training Club, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries, working with rescue dogs, and offering training discounts to local shelters, Rachel Moore is a shining example of how passion and dedication can make a difference in the lives of both dogs and their owners. Her vast experience, creativity, and commitment to the welfare of dogs have earned her a reputation as a trusted professional within her community.

Rachel Moore: Dog Trainer, Photographer, and Artist

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