How to Train a Glen of Imaal Terrier Dog Puppy

When looking for a Glen of Imaal Terrier puppy, you'll want to find a responsible breeder who screens for health and temperament. Visit the puppies with their mother and look for ones that are lively and curious, not shy or aggressive. Make sure the puppy has been socialized with people and exposed to different sounds and experiences. At 8 weeks old, the puppy should be ready to go to their new home. Consider cute names like Paddy, Murphy, Shannon, Erin, or Colleen for your new Irish pup.

Preparing Your Home

Before bringing home your Glen puppy, make sure your house is safe and puppy-proof. Put away any household chemicals, medications, or small choking hazards. Secure any exposed wires and block access to any dangerous areas like balconies or staircases. Have a crate and doggy bed set up with some toys ready. Stock up on puppy food, bowls, a collar and leash, and potty training pads. Baby gates are helpful for blocking certain rooms or areas.

Meeting Your Puppy's Needs

When your Glen puppy first arrives, establish a consistent daily routine to help them feel secure. Take them outside frequently, like every 30 minutes, to encourage potty training. Feed them a high-quality puppy food on a consistent schedule 3-4 times a day. Make sure fresh water is always available. Glen puppies need 18-20 hours of sleep per day, including several naps, so provide a quiet space for relaxing. Provide lots of safe chew toys to help with teething too.

Socializing Your Puppy

Early and positive socialization is crucial for raising a well-adjusted Glen. Introduce your puppy carefully to new sights, sounds, smells, people, and other animals in a calm, positive manner. Keep initial interactions brief to avoid overstimulation. Give praise and treats for confident responses. Arrange supervised play sessions with puppy kindergarten or friendly, vaccinated adult dogs. Socialization is an ongoing process as your puppy explores the world.

Crate Training

Crate training uses your puppy's natural den-seeking instinct to help teach good potty habits and prevent destructive behaviors. Choose a crate that allows just enough room to turn around and lie down. Make it cozy with a blanket and toys. Keep initial crating sessions very short, just 10-15 minutes. Reward your puppy for calmness and quiet in the crate with praise and treats. Gradually increase crate time. Always give potty breaks immediately before and after crating.


Establish a predictable potty routine by taking your Glen puppy outside consistently after meals, naps, playtime, and every 30 minutes. Pick a bathroom spot and use a verbal cue like “Go potty.” Give lavish praise whenever they go in the right place. Never punish accidents – just immediately take them outside next time. Clean any indoor messes thoroughly with an enzyme cleaner. At about 4 months old, your puppy should be mostly reliable if following a consistent schedule.

Basic Training & Commands

Glen of Imaal Terriers are eager to please but can have a stubborn streak. Keep early training sessions short and fun, about 10-15 minutes. Use positive reinforcement like food rewards and praise. Never yell or punish. Work on basic cues like:

  • Sit: Hold a treat over their nose and move it backwards as you say “sit.”

  • Stay: Have your pup sit. Say “stay”, take a few steps back, then return and give a treat.

  • Come: Call your puppy’s name happily. Give treats when they come to you.

  • Down: Show the treat low in front of their nose, then move it down between paws, say “down.”

  • Leave it: Hold a treat in your fist. Say “leave it” when they sniff. Reward when they lose interest.

Bite Inhibition

Puppies explore the world with their mouths, so gentle mouthing is normal. Never play aggressively with your hands. When biting happens, say "ouch!" in a high-pitched voice and walk away to teach the puppy limits. Provide chew toys whenever they mouth and praise them for chewing those instead. With consistency, your Glen will learn to inhibit their bite force as they mature.

Exercise & Play

Glen of Imaal Terriers have lots of energy! Take your puppy on short, 10-15 minute walks 1-2 times daily. Once fully vaccinated at 4 months, you can increase walks to 20-40 minutes plus free play. Glens love brisk walks, hiking, running beside a bike, swimming, and chasing balls. Avoid high-impact exercise until they're physically mature around 12-18 months. Mentally stimulate your Glen with interactive toys and training sessions too.


Brush your Glen puppy 2-3 times a week to accustom them to grooming and remove loose hair. Use a rubber brush or grooming glove. Clip their nails regularly, touching their feet often to get them used to handling. Brush their teeth a few times a week. Check and clean their ears weekly. When they’re used to brushing, you can bathe them every 6-8 weeks using a mild dog shampoo. Keep up with grooming throughout your dog’s life.

Health & Veterinary Care

Establish a relationship with a trusted veterinarian and take your puppy in for their first visit within a week after adoption. They should receive a series of vaccinations on a schedule starting around 8 weeks old. Glens also need regular deworming, flea/tick prevention, and heartworm medication. Spay or neuter your Glen by 6 months to prevent unwanted behaviors. Feed a healthy diet and monitor their growth. Take your Glen for annual checkups throughout life.

Common Behavior Issues

While Glens aim to please, they can display unwanted behaviors without proper training. Barking, digging, chasing, and nipping at heels may happen, especially without enough exercise. Counter-surfing in search of food can also be an issue. Use positive reinforcement like treats and praise to encourage good behavior. Redirect chewing to approved toys. Never punish or scold in a way that frightens your dog. Consistent training will help minimize problems.

Traveling with Your Glen

With proper preparation, Glens can be great travel companions! Get them comfortable riding in a secured crate or carrier in the car when young. Bring their bedding or toys for comfort. Stop every few hours on road trips for exercise and potty breaks. Consider their needs when choosing pet-friendly accommodations. Bring along their regular food, bowls, medications, toys, etc. Keep them leashed, provide shade/cooling, and bring plenty of water when hiking or on adventures.

Senior Dog Care

As your loyal Glen grows older, they will need some extra care and attention. Watch for signs of aging like difficulty moving, increased water consumption or accidents, changes in sleep patterns, confusion, or anxiety. Adjust their diet as needed, provide soft bedding, keep walks short and gentle, and consider ramps or stairs for furniture. Schedule more frequent vet exams to catch any health issues early. Keep their mind active with games and continue socializing. Show your old pal lots of love!

Enjoy Your Glen's Companionship!

Raising your Glen of Imaal Terrier from puppyhood takes consistency, patience and love. But it's so rewarding watching them grow into a well-trained, affectionate companion! With proper care, socialization, training, and healthcare, your clever Glen will be happily by your side for years, bringing you endless smiles and loyalty. Cherish the special bond with your Glen friend!

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