10 Best Dog Trainers in Huntsville Alabama

Welcome to Huntsville, Alabama – a city filled with pet lovers and home to a vibrant community of professional dog trainers. With so many options to choose from, how do you identify the truly excellent trainers that will help your furry friend reach their full potential? In this article, we will highlight the top dog training services in Huntsville that have built a reputation for outstanding results through positive reinforcement techniques. These trainers don’t just teach basic obedience – they equip dogs with skills for therapy work, competitive canine sports, and more. We evaluated dozens of trainers on criteria such as experience, methods, specialties, client reviews and success stories. The trainers featured have decades of combined expertise and are committed to bringing out the best in your dog through patience, praise and clear communication. Whether your goal is better leash manners or advanced tricks, these exceptional trainers will provide customized programs using proven techniques to address everything from puppy socialization to correcting unwanted behaviors. Keep reading to meet the top 5 professional dog trainers leading the pack in Huntsville.

1. Such A Good Dog

Screenshot of www.suchagooddog.com

Website: https://www.suchagooddog.com/
Address: 517 Jordan Ln NW, Huntsville, AL 35805

Such A Good Dog is a top-rated dog training company located in Huntsville, Alabama that specializes in positive reinforcement training methods. Founded in 2015 by certified professional dog trainer Lucy Smith, Such A Good Dog offers group classes, private lessons, and board & train programs for puppies, adult dogs, and dogs with behavioral issues. Their training philosophy focuses on building communication, trust, and respect between dogs and their human companions. Such A Good Dog’s experienced trainers utilize force-free techniques including clicker training, luring, capturing, shaping, and marker words to teach obedience commands, leash manners, house training, and more. Located in a beautiful facility with indoor and outdoor training areas, Such A Good Dog has helped hundreds of dogs and owners achieve their training goals over the years. Their personalized approach helps dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds reach their fullest potential.

2. Top Gun Dog Training

Screenshot of topgundogtraining.com

Website: https://topgundogtraining.com/
Address: 151 Rockcrest Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35806

Top Gun Dog Training is Huntsville’s premier gun dog and obedience training company for hunting and competition dogs. Founded in 2010 by Mike Johnson, an experienced field trial trainer and hunt test judge, Top Gun specializes in training retrievers and spaniels for hunt tests, field trials, and waterfowl hunting. Using proven, force-free methods, Top Gun’s professional trainers work one-on-one with dogs on basic obedience, steadiness, directional casting, marking, and handling skills. The beautiful 50-acre training facility includes ponds, fields, blinds, and other environments to simulate real hunting scenarios. In addition to group and private training programs, Top Gun offers puppy imprinting, board and train, and e-collar conditioning. Their customized approach and deep expertise with gun dogs and the demands of field work produces confident, polished hunting companions. Top Gun Dog Training has a long history of success training and competing their dogs at the highest levels.

3. Huntsville Obedience Training Club

Screenshot of www.hotc.org

Website: http://www.hotc.org/
Address: 131 Export Cir NW, Huntsville, AL 35806

Established in 1955, Huntsville Obedience Training Club (HOTC) is the longest continually running dog training club in Alabama. This non-profit organization offers group classes for puppy manners, basic obedience, Canine Good Citizen, therapy dog training, competitive obedience, rally, agility, and more. Their positive reinforcement, reward-based methods build the foundation for well-behaved dogs. HOTC’s skilled volunteer instructors have many years of experience in dog sports and behavior modification. Their state-of-the-art facility includes indoor training areas, agility equipment, and outdoor fields. In addition to public classes, HOTC hosts obedience, rally, and agility trials, seminars from renowned trainers, and other dog events for the community. As a member club of the American Kennel Club, HOTC upholds high standards and responsible dog ownership. Their classes aim to strengthen the bond between dogs and owners through clear communication and mutual respect. HOTC has successfully taught thousands of dogs and handlers in the Huntsville area.

4. Island Dog Training

Screenshot of islanddog.training

Website: https://islanddog.training/
Address: 1015 A Cleaner Way SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

Located in Huntsville, Island Dog Training specializes in board and train programs for dogs of all ages, breeds, and behavior issues. Founded in 2017 by certified professional dog trainer Erin Spradlin, Island Dog Training utilizes positive, force-free methods to address obedience, leash manners, house training, aggression, anxiety, and more. Their customized board and train programs immerse dogs in a stable, enriching environment while receiving customized training tailored to the dog’s unique needs. With a focus on communication and relationship building, Erin and her highly skilled team of trainers work intensely with each dog during the 2-4 week board and train stay. Island Dog Training’s beautiful tropical-themed facility includes indoor training rooms, outdoor play areas, doggie bedrooms, and amenities to make dogs feel right at home during their training. Offering complimentary evaluations, Island Dog Training has successfully transformed hundreds of dogs that other trainers deemed “untrainable.” Their board and train programs have given many dogs a second chance at life.

5. Alpha Instincts Dog Training

Screenshot of alphainstincts.com

Website: https://alphainstincts.com/
Address: 3001 9th Ave SW Ste 15-e, Huntsville, AL 35805

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Alpha Instincts Dog Training provides customized obedience training, behavior modification, and protection dog training. Founded in 2015 by veteran dog trainer and former police K9 handler Jason Ball, Alpha Instincts specializes in working with strong, driven dog breeds using respect-based training methods. Their group classes and private lessons address basic obedience, leash manners, housebreaking, aggression issues, and preparing dogs for protection sports like Schutzhund. For client convenience, Alpha Instincts also offers in-home training sessions. Their 3-acre training facility includes climate-controlled indoor spaces and outdoor fields to proof dog skills in real world settings. With decades of combined experience training working dogs, the staff skillfully brings out each dog’s potential using positive reinforcement, proper corrections, and building a bond of trust. Alpha Instincts produces obedient, confident companions while enhancing the natural abilities of dogs.

6. Sit Means Sit Dog Training North Alabama

Screenshot of sitmeanssit.com

Website: https://sitmeanssit.com/
Address: 2101 Leeman Ferry Cir SW Suite A, Huntsville, AL 35801

Sit Means Sit Dog Training North Alabama is the local franchise of the largest dog training company in the country. Using a customized training approach, Sit Means Sit focuses on off-leash obedience using a proprietary dog collar and positive reinforcement techniques. Founded in 2015 by certified trainer Miranda Eason, Sit Means Sit North Alabama offers group classes, board and train programs, and private lessons for basic obedience, behavior issues, service dog training, and aggressive dog rehabilitation. At their 5,000 square foot indoor facility, trainers work one-on-one with dogs using voice commands, hand signals, praise, and gentle corrections when needed. Sit Means Sit’s training system takes advantage of each dog’s innate desire to please their owners. Their two week board and train “Boot Camp” produces obedient, well-mannered dogs even in distracting environments. Sit Means Sit North Alabama’s customized training has successfully taught thousands of dogs and owners across North Alabama.

7. Balanced K9 Academy

Screenshot of balanced-k9.com

Website: http://balanced-k9.com/
Address: 1001 Ryland Pike Unit H, Huntsville, AL 35811

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Balanced K9 Academy provides personalized dog training with a balanced approach. Founded in 2011 by certified professional dog trainer Chris Goldberg, Balanced K9 Academy offers group classes, private lessons, and board and train programs for basic obedience, behavioral issues, service dog training, sporting dogs, and more. Their customized training plans are tailored to the unique needs of each dog and owner, using positive reinforcement, fair corrections, and building respect. Balanced K9 Academy’s 3,000 square foot facility includes indoor and outdoor training areas to proof skills in real world scenarios. In addition to owning Balanced K9 Academy, Chris Goldberg is a published author, radio show host, US military contractor, and expert witness in canine court cases. His over 25 years of experience training dogs has made Balanced K9 Academy one of the most trusted and successful dog training businesses in North Alabama. They’ve helped thousands of dogs and owners achieve their goals.

8. Kind Hearts Dog Training Center

Screenshot of www.therapypartners.org

Website: https://www.therapypartners.org/
Address: 2227 Drake Ave SW building # 9, Huntsville, AL 35805

Kind Hearts Dog Training Center in Huntsville, Alabama specializes in positive reinforcement-based obedience training and therapy dog preparation. Founded in 2008 by APDT certified trainer Cheryl Hicks, Kind Hearts offers group classes, private lessons, and therapy dog training for dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. Their classes utilize reward-based techniques like clicker training, shaping, capturing, and luring to develop polite leash habits, basic commands, impulse control, and good manners. Kind Hearts also prepares therapy dog teams for animal-assisted intervention work in hospitals, schools, nursing homes. Their experienced trainers ensure dogs have the skills and temperament testing to pass rigorous therapy dog certifications. The Kind Hearts facility includes real world environments to build proofing and confidence in dogs. With a gentle approach that builds communication and trust between dogs and owners, Kind Hearts has successfully trained hundreds of happy, obedient companions and registered therapy dogs in the greater Huntsville area.

9. Dog Splash

Screenshot of dogsplashhuntsville.com

Website: https://dogsplashhuntsville.com/
Address: 1860 Sparkman Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35816

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Dog Splash is a unique dog training facility that offers obedience classes, swim sessions, and daycare. Founded in 2015 by certified professional dog trainer Ashley Dowdy, Dog Splash utilizes the water for both fitness and behavior modification training. Their heated indoor pool provides dogs an ideal environment to build confidence, burn energy, and receive low-impact exercise. In addition to swim lessons and water therapy, Dog Splash offers group obedience classes and private training using positive reinforcement techniques. Their 3,000 square foot facility also includes a daycare area for socialization and fun. Dog Splash’s trained staff have experience working with all breeds, ages, and special needs. From basic manners to preparing for dock diving and hunt tests, Dog Splash improves dogs’ physical health while addressing unwanted behaviors through consistent rules, boundaries, and clear communication. The engaging water environment makes Dog Splash a top choice for dog training and enrichment in North Alabama.

10. Therapy Partners Inc

Screenshot of www.therapypartners.org

Website: http://www.therapypartners.org/
Address: 2227 Drake Ave SW building # 9, Huntsville, AL 35805

Therapy Partners Inc. is a non-profit organization in Huntsville, Alabama that trains and registers therapy dogs for animal-assisted intervention. Founded in 1993, Therapy Partners prepares volunteer therapy dog teams to provide comfort and support in healthcare facilities, schools, libraries, courthouses and other settings. Their experienced trainers offer group classes, private lessons, and therapy dog preparation using positive reinforcement methods to ensure dogs have excellent obedience skills, impulse control, and unflappable temperaments around people. Therapy Partners provides testing and certification for eligible dog/handler teams to meet the high standards and insurance requirements of national therapy dog organizations. In addition to training classes, Therapy Partners organizes pet therapy visits and continuing education for registered teams. Their goal is to enrich lives through animal interaction. With decades of experience certifying therapy dogs, Therapy Partners has enabled hundreds of dedicated volunteers to share their special canines for the benefit of the local community.

“Tips for Learning How to Train a Dog”

Dog training is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. Properly trained dogs are not only well-behaved but also happier and safer in various situations. Whether you’ve just brought home a new puppy or are looking to improve your existing dog’s behavior, effective training is the key to success. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to train a dog, covering various aspects of the process.

1. Start Early: Puppy Training

The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” holds some truth, as it’s generally easier to train puppies than older dogs. Puppies are like sponges, soaking up information and experiences during their early months. Therefore, starting training early is crucial for long-term success. Here are some tips for puppy training:

  • Begin basic obedience training as soon as you bring your puppy home, typically around 8 weeks of age.
  • Focus on fundamental commands like sit, stay, and come.
  • Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats and praise, to reward desired behaviors.
  • Keep training sessions short and fun, around 10-15 minutes a few times a day.

2. Consistency is Key

Consistency is one of the most important factors in successful dog training. Dogs thrive on routine and predictability, so it’s essential to maintain a consistent training regimen. Here’s how you can achieve consistency:

  • Use the same cues or commands consistently. For instance, if you use “down” to make your dog lie down, stick with that command rather than switching to “lay” or “lie down.”
  • Ensure that all family members use the same commands and follow the same training rules. Inconsistent commands can confuse your dog.
  • Set a regular training schedule, so your dog knows when to expect training sessions.

3. Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a powerful and humane training technique that involves rewarding your dog for good behavior. Here’s how to use positive reinforcement effectively:

  • Use treats, toys, or praise as rewards when your dog follows a command correctly.
  • Timing is crucial; reward your dog immediately after they perform the desired behavior.
  • Be generous with praise and affection to motivate your dog to repeat the behavior.
  • Avoid punishment-based training methods, as they can lead to fear and aggression in dogs.

4. Socialization

Socialization is an essential aspect of training, especially for puppies. Properly socialized dogs are more confident and less likely to develop behavior problems. Here’s how to socialize your dog:

  • Expose your puppy to various people, animals, and environments from a young age.
  • Arrange playdates with other dogs to help your puppy learn appropriate social behavior.
  • Ensure all interactions are positive and non-threatening to build your dog’s confidence.

5. Leash Training

Leash training is vital for the safety and control of your dog when you’re out and about. Here are some tips for leash training:

  • Choose a comfortable and well-fitting leash and collar or harness.
  • Start leash training indoors or in a quiet, familiar environment to reduce distractions.
  • Use treats and positive reinforcement to reward your dog for walking calmly on the leash.
  • Teach your dog basic commands like “heel” and “leave it” to ensure they walk safely beside you.

6. Be Patient and Persistent

Dog training can be challenging, and not all dogs learn at the same pace. It’s essential to be patient and persistent throughout the training process. Here’s how to stay motivated:

  • Remember that setbacks and mistakes are normal; don’t get discouraged.
  • Celebrate small victories along the way to keep your enthusiasm high.
  • Stay consistent with training even when progress is slow.
  • Consider seeking professional help if you encounter significant difficulties or behavioral issues.

7. Enroll in Obedience Classes

Professional dog obedience classes can be highly beneficial for both you and your dog. These classes provide structured training environments and guidance from experienced trainers. Here’s why obedience classes can be valuable:

  • Trainers can offer personalized advice and techniques tailored to your dog’s specific needs.
  • Your dog can learn to socialize with other dogs and people in a controlled setting.
  • Obedience classes are an excellent way to reinforce basic commands and improve your dog’s behavior.

8. Use Clicker Training

Clicker training is a popular positive reinforcement method that uses a small device called a clicker to signal to your dog when they’ve done something correctly. Here’s how to use clicker training:

  • Start by conditioning your dog to associate the clicker’s sound with a reward by clicking and immediately offering a treat.
  • Use the clicker to mark the precise moment your dog exhibits the desired behavior.
  • Follow the click with a treat and praise to reinforce the behavior.
  • Clicker training can be effective for teaching complex tricks and behaviors.

9. Seek Professional Help When Needed

While many dog owners can successfully train their dogs on their own, some situations may require professional intervention. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a certified dog trainer or behaviorist if you encounter the following issues:

  • Severe aggression or fear-based behaviors.
  • Persistent and uncontrollable behavior problems.
  • Difficulty in-house training or addressing specific issues like separation anxiety.

10. Maintain Training Consistency

After your dog has learned basic obedience commands, it’s important to continue practicing and reinforcing these skills regularly. Here’s how to maintain consistency in your dog’s training:

  • Regularly review and practice basic commands, even if your dog has mastered them.
  • Use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior in everyday situations.
  • Challenge your dog with new commands and tricks to keep their mind engaged.
  • Stay patient and persistent in your training efforts to ensure long-term success.


Training your dog is a rewarding journey that strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion. Whether you’re starting with a new puppy or working with an older dog, these tips for dog training will help you achieve success.